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The air is vacuumed out of the cup, creating a change in air pressure. The practitioner glides the cups over the selected area to increase blood flow and reduce muscular tension. Good for overall body care and maintenance, Swedish massage will help relieve stress-related tension and pain.

Today marks the first day of the national Women’s Health Week – a week for women to stop and make their health a priority. This year, each day will focus on a different element of women’s health including heart health, mindfulness, bone health, physical activity and sleep and fatigue. Her work is deeply nurturing and healing and her clients say they feel fully supported by her.

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If you can not find a day / time that suits for a massage treatment please use the ‘contact me’ section with your preferred day / time and I will be in contact with you. Over the years Melissa has developed a real passion to support women in all stages of preconception, pregnancy, post-natal and beyond. In 2012 Melissa chose to specialise further in this area and completed further training with Pregnancy Massage Australia.

Resulting in the distribution of nutrients and the removal of lactic acid build up. This also relaxes the muscles and promotes an increase in quality of sleep which is crucial for the body to rebuild and repair damaged tissues. A good night’s sleep also prevents fatigue from setting in and shortens the recovery time between workouts. IASTM is a method of using tools to reduce scar tissue, adhesions, and increase blood flow to the injured area. Lotion is applied to the area to allow the tools to glide across the skin freely.


Sports massages have a range of benefits such as reaching peak performance, helping the muscles to recover correctly and preparing the body for future exercise. Constant exercise puts a lot of strain on the muscles and tendons of the body. Untreated muscles and connective tissues that experience this constant strain result in a hypertonic or ‘tight’ muscle.

Ease your aches and pains by treating yourself to a one hour pregnancy massage followed by a relaxing Hydrating Facial using our natural and organic SwissWellness skincare range. Then, enjoy our Indulgent Foot Ritual which will leave you feeling relaxed from head to toe. I am very passionate 24시간마사지 about women’s health & fertility and how massage can play an important role in this journey. I myself under went four years of Fertility & IVF treatments and can empathise with clients on their fertility journey and understanding the struggles that are placed on the mind and body.


If you are an athlete or engage in an exercise routine, it is recommended that you have a Chiropractor as part of your healthcare team to support your body. Chiropractic adjustments have also been found in several studies, to increase athletic performance. Our Brisbane massage services included remedial, sports, rehabilitation , myofascial dry needling, and chronic pain management. At Forge West End our focus is to deliver an unparalleled level of support through physiotherapy, exercise physiology, clinical pilates and performance training. Some massages, such as those for treating trigger points or deep tissue massage, will involve some degree of discomfort simply because damage already exists.

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If you book your experience after this time and the price of the experience increases you can either pay the difference or exchange it for another experience free of charge. Perhaps the best thing about massages is that there are very few downside to trying one out. When performed by trained professionals, massages are a safe, relaxing, non-invasive option to increase overall comfort and health.


Massage therapy can be very helpful as a treatment on its own or in conjunction with physiotherapy. All About Physio’s massage therapists work closely with our physiotherapists to ensure you are receiving the best combination of treatment to maximise your physical health. Deep-tissue massage is a specific type of massage therapy that concentrates on the deep layers of muscle and fascia in the body. By using deep, slow pressure and firm strokes, deep tissue massage is used to treat a variety of physical ailments. It can be an effective treatment for injured muscles as it facilitates the relaxation of muscles and helps stretch tight or twisted muscle mass, deep-tissue massage can help promote healing.

Our goal as your natural health therapist is to provide you with gentle care, understanding and sanctuary. A soothing massage to de-stress, release muscle tension and balance body and mind. Louisa uses a unique blend of Swedish, remedial and relaxation techniques to provide the perfect combination of soft tissue massage for tension release and blissful relaxation. During pregnancy women experience significant hormonal changes in the body, and this can result in a wide range of symptoms.

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A unique opportunity exists for a massage therapist to join our team of expert health and wellness practitioners. In traditional Chinese medicine, postnatal care is vital in the mother’s recovery after childbirth. The aim of postnatal care is to repair your body from the physical strain and energy used during labour, nourish and replace lost fluids, and strengthen your vitality to assist in caring for your newborn. To be the best mum you can be, you need to allow yourself to be supported. At Noosa Body Mechanics, we can support your recovery after birth, so that you feel stronger physically, emotionally and mentally.

We empower you to feel confident about the wellness journey you’re on. We help you to gain clarity on your treatment plan and teach you ways to continue the healing outside of the Clinic so it easily fits in with your lifestyle. At our Noosa clinic, we provide a holistic approach to your health and support your journey to wellness. Pelvic floor dysfunction can be mentally challenging as well as physically challenging.

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And this is especially important for women planning for pregnancy, in the event of a perineal tear, episiotomy or instrumental vaginal delivery . Our therapists take a remedial mindset with targeted work on areas in need, creating lasting relief while improving mobility and function. Using myofascial release, trigger point therapy and sustaining home care advice. Alongside ergonomic advice, motor vehicle & workers compensation claims, dry needling & physiotherapy, we also provide a range of additional services. Just a pleasant method to combat pain, discomfort, stress, and burn-out. And what’s more, you don’t even need to go to a massage clinic to get a massage.

A deep-tissue massage – particularly one that focuses on the lower part of the body – is excellent for circulation. If there was a way to dial down stress, tension, and even PMS symptoms all at once, who wouldn’t jump right on that opportunity? The good news is you can, and it’s not a pill or a gimmick – the answer is massage therapy. The extra stressors of everyday life make self-care all the more vital to our overall wellbeing. This is because the muscles of the individual being stretched are relaxed, allowing for a deeper and much more specific stretch. Regular weekly or fortnightly massage can improve the fitness or sports performance of an individual.

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Her special interest in the mind/body connection brings an additional facet to her treatments. She encourages self-care to help maintain better soft tissue function in our daily lives. The physiotherapists and massage therapists at Life Ready Physio have training in treating pregnant women and have the knowledge and equipment to make you comfortable during the massage. If there is an area of pain or tightness that is persistent and not improving with home massage, then we recommend booking an appointment to get a proper assessment to help resolve the issue. Our Cairns physios provide massage services for women during and after pregnancy, with a focus on the relief of muscle pain, stress relief and swelling reduction.

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Over the years Tess has developed a wealth of knowledge and experience in this field. Tess has a strong massage style releasing tension with her confidence in remedial techniques. She has a beautiful slow broad and deep pressure, that is deeply relaxing.

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Beck is passionate about helping her clients improve their quality of life by combining hands-on treatment and appropriate exercise prescription to reduce pain and improve musculoskeletal and biomechanical function. Beck believes strongly in educating and empowering her clients to gain a better understanding of their body and to have the confidence to make informed choices for their health and wellbeing. We provide safe remedial massage and myotherapy for women in all stages of pregnancy to help manage discomfort. Treat yourself or a loved one to two hours of pampering and indulgence.

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It is the ideal treatment for people who are trying to fall pregnant, who suffer from menstrual conditions or who want to restore and cultivate a positive relationship with the sacred womb space. Grace has been massaging for many years, she loves connecting with her community of clients sharing all that she has to offer to support them on their health journey. “I love to help women feel their best – energised, vibrant, clear-headed, radiant and positive. I believe that your health and wellbeing is the essential foundation to allowing you to live the life you dream of.

Each presentation is unique, and we tailor each approach according to your needs. More than a just a good rub down, all of our therapists specialise in musculoskeletal assessment. They will seek to understand your history and goals and develop a treatment plan to address your specific requirements. “Members First” provider physiotherapists , for Medibank Private and BUPA, respectively. Pain tolerance, on the other hand, is how much pain you will be able to withstand before it becomes very uncomfortable and you are unable to relax.


This is why remedial massage focuses on the biomechanical function of the body or pain area as a whole, rather than simply relieving symptoms in one specific pain area. Remedial massage is a therapeutic treatment of the body that can help to repair damage to muscles, tendons, and joints from everyday or repetitive use. Unless otherwise stated, original shipping fees for change of mind returns are not refunded.

In some cases, pregnancy can increase the risk of sciatic pain or sciatica. If you have sciatica, gentle massage can help to alleviate discomfort by releasing the muscular tension around the nerve. Therapist will use oil or lotion with several basic strokes that are applied with light to medium pressure. It is the most common massage requested to reduce stress, increase relaxation, relief muscles soreness, and help poor circulation. Please notify the provider at time of making appointment, surcharge is payable directly to salon on the day.

It is gentle & avoids specific areas that are contraindicated in pregnancy. We work with many elite athletes, including being a provider for the Rugby World Cup and Tokyo Olympics. Select Amcal pharmacies are now approved vaccination providers for the AstraZeneca and Moderna COVID-19 vaccines, helping to provide COVID-19 immunisation for our local areas and wider community. Your pharmacist can help you find the right combination of treatments to minimise and manage flare-ups on skin conditions like eczema. 90% of people with asthma aren”t using their inhalers correctly and you could be one of them. Get your inhaler technique checked today. We know that pain is personal, so ask our pharmacists about getting a free personalised Pain Management Plan to make sure you”re getting the right treatment for your needs.


To empower and educate the people of the Gold Coast to be the healthiest version of themselves. Giving you and your family the best Perth chiropractic care that you deserve. Physiotherapist Brock, who has a special interest in the treatment of anterior cruciate ligament tears, more commonly known as ACL tears, answers some frequently asked questions on the topic. Complete the form below to ask us a question or to request a massage appointment. I have had great support from the team at Atkins Health in many different areas the team are very hands on and always there to give you encouragement, thanks. This is the latest sex allegation involving the athletic department at the University of Kansas.

We know that getting you better is great, but keeping you that way is what’s important! Our vision is to empower and educate the people of the Gold Coast to be the healthiest version of themselves. Visit Oceanside Chiropractic for a pregnancy massage by one of our trained therapists. Located in Bardon, Brisbane QLD. Maitri Massage is a Remedial Massage practice specialising in Women’s and Children’s health. Driven by a passion for holistic health and an innovative approach to wellness, Louise Ryan started Maitri Massage in 2008. Our aim is to provide massage services to women and their families to ensure they experience optimal health during their pregnancy, to ensure a smooth transition to parenthood promoting positive bonding for new families.

We need to say goodbye to self-destructive stress management and develop positive coping strategies that can make us feel good without harming our health long term. • reduce muscle tension in women, compared to their pre massage observations. If you are concerned about your heart health make sure you book an appointment with your GP.

This can be to address injuries or reduce pain and tightness, but also plays a key role in enhancing recovery and preventing injuries, to ensure that athletes are able to perform at their peak. Our experts at Revolve can also give you advice and suggest training modifications and exercises that may be beneficial. The list of benefits for infant massage is extensive, including improved sleep, relief of colic and reflux and enhanced immunity. We take a tailored approach, targeting key areas of your body chosen by you and your physiotherapist.

We pay our respect to their elders past and present and extend that respect to all Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander peoples today. Relaxation Massage is a generalised whole-body treatment using Swedish massage techniques. Contrary to common misconceptions that Relaxation Massage only uses light, superficial techniques, it can be performed using light to firm pressure, depending on the stroke technique and your preference.

With our holistic approach during your treatment we often can combine a number of different modalities to improve your health and well being. This will and does give you the best possible outcome for your wellness journey. Send me exclusive offers, unique gift ideas, and personalised tips for shopping and selling on Etsy. We’ll also send you regular tips for getting the best of your body and offers we think you’ll love.

Some people have a fairly low pain threshold and are very sensitive to pain, while others have a high threshold that must be reached before they do feel pain. Having graduated in 2002, Mairi has worked and travelled as a sport and remedial massage therapist in New Zealand, Canada the UK and Australia. Meg’s massage treatments include Remedial, Sports Massage, Deep Tissue and Relaxation. She has completed further training in Myofasical Cupping and Pregnancy Massage. Using techniques suited to the specific client, her treatments are individually tailored to the clients needs.

She likes to look at things holistically, encouraging self-care and the importance of lowering stress.Anna also has an interest in primary health care, international aid, camping, and exploring our beautiful country. She has spent time living and working in Papua New Guinea, Puerto Rico, Malawi , and India. Unlike some other techniques that may focus more on relaxation, deep tissue massage therapy will stimulate blood supply which helps loosen tight muscles, making joints more mobile. Easing stress and tension, and stabilising muscles, our deep tissue massage Gold Coast therapists can help to improve problems including muscle strain, soreness, fatigue and injury, aiding rehabilitation. Massage therapy can assist in the management of a range of musculoskeletal conditions or simply be a great way to relieve the stress and tension of life. Our massage therapists incorporate a number of styles including deep tissue massage, Swedish massage, myofascial release, trigger point therapy, lymphatic drainage and sports massage.

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